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2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra – The outcome is an exquisite and successful Auto with a Fabulous execution at the highest point of the most recent innovation

2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra Specs

2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra Review

The German producer Artega of superior and Touring are pleased to report an organization for the dispatch of another all-electric supercar. Consolidating the best of both universes propelled German building and Italian style. Hey tech meets conventional craftsmanship. The outcome is an exquisite and successful auto with a fabulous execution at the highest point of the most recent innovation. They are built in an entirely constrained release of close to 50 units. It’s great to see 2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra.


Another auto is introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, March 7 at the Touring Superleggera stand. Artega, the German producer of games autos, Touring Superleggera in charge of planning their next definite every single electric game auto.

The 2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra is a review of the generation form, which will be conveyed beginning from spring 2019. The generation is entirely restricted to 50 units. What’s more, ‘controlled by four electric engines with high power can offer supercar execution and another driving knowledge.

Extraordinarily, Scalo Superelletra three full-measure seats with a focal driving position offers down to earth, upgrade space and better driving background.

Artega directed a troublesome preparation. Klaus D. Frers, Artega CEO, clarifies: “The” Artega “mark name originates from the Italian word” craftsmanship workmanship “- the specialty of the craftsmanship sports auto is capable, it is enthusiasm and motivation are the center estimations of the brand … the errand was to save the Artega center thus to the following level -. “accomplish” Artega and higher market portion of supercars.

2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra Powertrains and Performance

Visiting Superleggera has been chosen as a beautician for the novel history of 90 years that has created a portion of the best ventures on the planet, and the current fruitful involvement with models like the Disco Volante Coupe and Spyder Superleggera Berlinetta Lusso and Mini vision capacity of Italian outline and artworks with an assortment of various themes to blend.

“We are eager to make a total electric auto. There were a few issues here, particularly to locate the correct extents for the three seats design. Be that as it may, the inventive electrical bundle includes a more prominent level of flexibility and we have attempted to make full utilization of it. “- says Piero Mancardi, CEO of Touring – ” the venture has become inconceivably quick, with uncommon levels of shared comprehension with Artega “.

When you make the new Touring, plan kept up the strict standards of Artega. It was imperative that the auto was outwardly excellent, with impeccable extents. It additionally must be watchful, downplayed, not related with pointless embellishments.

Obviously, a game auto, likewise demonstrates its extravagant quality without being garish., Clean straightforward lines and moderate so that the outline has an exemplary ageless perfect work of art that is appropriate for any occasion or event, yet its selectiveness quality and a specialized visit this compel. To put it plainly, it ought to be viewed as a masterpiece as per the major estimations of Artega.

Visit the new plan to keep up the visual personality of the brand Artega while keeping up the custom of excellence creators made by straightforwardness and virtue of the lines.

2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra Inside Plan and Exceptional Elements

Thin outline components, for example, putting the objective in the focal point of the vehicle profile, an adjusted shape, highlight the class of the auto gives. In the meantime, for different reasons, for example, extremely sharp edge profiles, the entryway shut, the point of the B-column and the outlet openings of the hot air on the front brakes, pick the level of elements of the vehicle. Streamlined enhancement enhances this element.

Accommodation is likewise in the development, with the entryway openings in the rooftop simple access to three places, each of which a total individual scoop parallel to the focal line are orchestrated. The liberal stature is called with the band of splendid detail as an afterthought window.

Artega Scalo Superelletra utilizes a high quality steel tube carbon fiber monolog best in class underframe front and back, again strengthened with carbon fiber stringer. Convention Touring body joined with CFRP aluminum port (PU boards is utilized for guard). The carbon fiber has been decided for the heaviness of the hood, the hood and the entryway.

There are four synchronized e-motors, elite water-cooled VOLTABOX of the German makers, to the back 400 kW ostensible 500 kilowatts with a pinnacle, and both before ostensible 350 kW with a most extreme force of 400 kW.

They offer an ostensible force of 750 kilowatts – 1,020HP, with a most extreme force of 940kW – 1,278HP. With 1.620Nm of torque and a torque vectoring application and an unladen weight of 1850 kilograms focus on, a magnificent execution is ensured.

Extraordinary consideration is paid to the creation of eco-similarity. Not exclusively is the unbiased procedure of CO2 generation, however the auto is completely recyclable and the best utilization of characteristic materials.

2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra Price

The new 2019 Artega SCALO SuperElletra manages the value portion from EUR 500,000 to EUR 1,000,000. Requests can be put instantly with the producer against installment of 100,000 euros.

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