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2017 Lexus RC 350 – With a sleek coupe body style and a wide, low stance, the turbocharged RC was designed from the ground up to seamlessly blend eye-catching design with exhilarating and efficient performance

2017 Lexus RC 350 Review

There are no customary gear levels that are associated with the 2017 Lexus RC 350, however we suggest that you include the discretionary F Sport bundle. Other than wearing indoor and outside restorative touches, it likewise includes a versatile suspension, which enhances the ride and taking care of general vehicle abilities. Then again, we prescribe you to avoid the AGILITY and the back directing choice, on the grounds that, as we would like to think, it makes the RC less lovely to drive.

2017 Lexus RC 350 Levels and Qualities of Gear

The 2017 Lexus RC 350 is the most intense adaptation of the RC sports roadster exclusive. It is 200t of RC less expensive and RC 300 backings forms. The standard elements are basically the same in these motor varieties, the principle distinction. The RC 350 is fueled by a 3.5liter V6 (306 hp 277 lbft torque) driven combined with an eight-speed programmed transmission for back wheel drive models. A six-speed programmed accompanies all-wheel drive renditions.

Standard elements highlights incorporate 18-inch wheels fog light free keyless passage and double zone atmosphere control auto temperature control LED, rearview camera Power Front Seats Heated seats (AWD just) premium vinyl upholstery, A collapsing back seat 60/40split Bluetooth availability, a 7-inch shading screen Voice control and a 10-speaker sound framework with satellite radio. Likewise, standard is Lexus Enform Service Connect, which gives access to vehicle status and support alarms by means of a cell phone application.

Various choice gatherings are accessible, despite the fact that accessibility may differ, contingent upon where you live. The top notch bundle includes warmed and ventilated front seats and blind side observing with cross-back ready movement included.

This extravagance bundle incorporates things and in addition punctured calfskin upholstery programmed wipers, an electric, tilt and adjustable wheel (with a warmed edge on all-wheel drive models) and driver’s seat memory Set Tings. The all-climate bundle gives headlamp washers Windshield wiper Deis water-repellent passage entryway window and an additional radiator of the electric taxicab.

The Navigation assemble includes a Touchpad control reassure, improved route framework voice control and cell phone application mix (counting Destination Search Yelp Pandora and iHeartRadio). The route/bundle Mark Levinson includes a 17-tone feeling of the sound framework sound.

The F Sport bundle cushions on appearance things, for example, a work grille and a solitary front board with base pieces, incorporating 19-inch wheels with summer (RWD) or all-season (AWD) tires Adaptive safeguard sports suspension enhanced front brake cushions (just RWD) and games front seats. F Sport models likewise get punctured cowhide upholstery and trim of a tilt and adjustable guiding wheel (with a warmed edge on AWD models) driver’s seat memory settings and an exceptional dashboard.

Remain solitary alternatives incorporate an uplight sunroof headlamp variable haze variable directing framework a four-wheel controlling framework (just RWD F Sport) a restricted slip differential with tuned sports safeguards (just RWD F Sport) versatile voyage control (provided with a weakening impact framework) and front and back stopping sensors.

2017 Lexus RC 350 Tried Trim

Every vehicle is generally conveyed in a few adaptations, despite the fact that completing levels share numerous perspectives. The notes on this audit depend on our entire trial of 2015 Lexus RC 350 (8speed 3.5L V6 Automatic with F Sport Package) Coupe. Since this test, the RC has acquired 350 minor modifications.


Sadly, the RC 350 F Sport is not as much as the aggregate of its parts. It has a solid speeding up, however it is quick in the section. The discretionary four-wheel control directing framework includes flightiness and error. It has execution brake cushions, yet takes more time to stop longer than whatever other contender.


Quickening gackende Exhilarating and smooth, yet not. It took 5.9 seconds to achieve 60 mph, which is amidst the class.


The F Sport incorporates uncommon hochreibende brake cushions that offer a brilliant reaction without dealing with typical utilize. The auto halted from 60 h in 120 feet, yet that is terrible for this class of auto with summer tires.


Our F Sport test had the dynamic 4-wheel guiding choice and variable servo power proportion. This sounds great yet in real utilize the auto feels anxious in the corners and hard to foresee or get used to.

Taking Care of

In principle, the discretionary RC 350 suspension augmentations ought to give unrivaled mobility, yet there were just unremarkable numbers on our test track and we (and the electronic soundness control framework) befuddled about our Twisty Evaluierungsweg.


In spite of its bearing and dealing with mannerisms 2017 RC 350 F Sport is driving an exceptionally straightforward auto the length of you lean too hard for it. Under ordinary street or drive driving, it is quick and smooth and it is anything but difficult to stop.

2017 Lexus RC 350 Comfort

The kids likewise discover raise legs however with no other offer the RC 350 F Sport an amazingly agreeable ride on the front seats and one of the calmest lodges.

Situate Comfort

The warmed and ventilated delicate calfskin sports seats of the F Sport are very much shaped for the body embracing hold and go out and about solace, however they could be somewhat agreeable. The two back cans and the cowhide have a decent shape, however there is minimal free space and space for the legs to zero.

Driving Solace

With its versatile variable F Sport suspension has a to a great degree extreme ride that anomalies of the encompassing street effortlessly and ease. Dial and it develops firm without being hard, it shows improvement over most.

Clamor and Vibration

Regardless of whether it’s sitting at a red light quickening up to interstate speeds or cruising to 70 km/h RC 350 is one of the calmest autos in its class. Wind street and motor clamor are extremely negligible.

2017 Lexus RC 350 Interior

The inside of the RC 350 is well manufactured, yet has a few issues. UIs are, best case scenario disappointing. The room is well forward, yet ultra-light in the back. There are few spots to things like cell phones the bag is little and much the cost of helps to the additional perceivability.


It is exceptional to perceive how Lexus has the design and electronic interface get so terrible. From the inside stack heap and semi-touchy touch to the delicate temperature cursor to the whimsical touchpad controller is an ergonomic calamity.


Cars are famously troublesome due to their long entryways and is in this manner display. The front seats are situated consequently to permit access to the back seats, yet they are exhausting moderate and undermine the shins and feet of the travelers on the arrival.

Liberal Measurements

The 2017 RC 350 offers marginally higher than the normal room in the front, yet by a long shot the Audi BMW and Mercedes Coupé appalling sets less roomy. Think put on it as a 2 + 2 roadster with the need comfort on the main 2 in this condition.


General perceivability is troublesome basically because of the vast back blind sides. Checking of blind sides with back notice alarm of activity, front and back stopping sensors and versatile cruising front-end pre-impact framework is all choice yet we consider some them ought to be standard.


Similarly as with each Lexus, the nature of the RC 350 (shading cowhide entryway bolt and lodge protection) is astounding. Not a cry or shake by any stretch of the imagination. The few Plastikbits have the look and feel of high caliber.

2017 Lexus RC 350 Utility

Given the absence of storage room for your own assets and little bags Lexus RC 350 takes after the opposition with respect to benefits.

Capacity Small Article

It needs cubbies and corners and has level container pail entryway. A little inward compartment and limited, ineffectively available entryway pockets are additionally dangerous. The glove compartment is just adequate.


With a trunk volume of just 10.4 cubic feet the RC 350 is not the most amicable load-playing hooky. Luckily amplify the standard 60/40split-collapsing back seats to the next.


Lexus Remote Infotainment Touchpad Interface is effectively one of the most exceedingly terrible controllers we’ve known. It works like a tablet touchpad, however it is extremely hard to make it work in movement. Then again, the show is distinctive and offers many components.

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